Yeoju Winter Camp





Planet People is happy to invite enthusiastic and hard working instructors for Yeoju Winter Camp.

Here is the finial schedule for Yeoju camp 2007~ 2008


Camp duration: 5 week camp guaranteed (please note that it can be extended to 7 week camp)


  1st week:

24th of Dec.~ 29th of Dec.

  2nd week:

31st of Dec.~ 5th of Dec.

  3rd week:

7th of Jan ~ 12th of Jan.

  4th week:

14th of Jan.~ 19th of Jan.

  5th week:

21st of Jan.~ 26th of Jan.

  6th week:

28th of Jan.~ 2nd of Feb.

 1 week break (4th~ 10th of Feb.)

  7th week:

11th of Feb.~ 16th of Feb.



- 5 week guaranteed (and they expect that teacher must be available for 7 week camp as Camp Eng-Land expect to get this additional 2 week camp as well)

- 3 week extra work available to 6 camp teachers (from 3rd Dec~ 22nd Dec)

- If it become 5 week camp in the end, they will pay 300,000won compensation at the end of the camp.

- If you do 7 week camp, there is one week break (4th of Feb. to 10th of Feb.) during the camp period, this is Korea's lunar New Year Holiday period. You can travel somewhere or visit your friends at this time. Staying at the camp dormitory at this time will be difficult as you won't get any food supplied as it is very big holiday and all kitchen staffs will be going home. This one week break is not paid break and no compensation money will be provided.



Students age


Mainly elementary students from grad 3 (age of 9) to middle school students (up to age 14). There are some younger students, age 6 and 7 years old but it could be just a few classes. Students English level are mostly beginner to intermediate level. Class size are anywhere from 15~ 20.



Teachers working hours: 8am~ 9:30pm, Monday- Saturday work


There will be quite many short and long breaks in between classes. Instructors will teach about 9 hours per day including role play at public offices, Gym, karaoke, art, performance act and outdoor sports from Monday to Friday.There is no actual teaching on Saturday but students will see movie or so before they finish their Camp on Saturday. You will be expected to stay with students from 8:20am to 11:10am on Saturdays as students will depart then. Instructors can go anywhere from Saturday 11:10am to Sunday evening. Instructors should be returned to the camp until 7:00pm Sunday. (There is pickup bus to the Camp from Seoul every Sunday at 5pm)



Housing and Meal


Shared housing of 3 for each room in the camp dormitory with bathroom, bed, T.V, linen and closet (Some of the rooms do not have bed or T.V)

*Daily meals offered from Monday until Sunday. (Meals may not provided on Camp break week)



Work environment


2 buildings by 4floors with dormitory, surrounded by mountains. 

Soccer field, indoor gymnasium, auditorium, 5 Karaoke rooms, 12 class room, cafeteria, computer lab, store





- Salary of 675,000 Korean won per week plus 300,000won compensation in case you do 5 week camp only.

- 3,675,000 won for 5 weeks (include 300,000won) & 4,725,000 won for 7 weeks

- Free meal, rent-free accommodation

- 100% Health insurance cover (Traveler's health insurance type) paid by the camp.

- If you are looking for any full time teaching job in Korea after the camp, Planet People will assist you to find a good school.

- Planet People will visit the camp at least twice and listen to your voice.

- 500,000 Korean won advance money to teacher can be provided once before the end of the camp.

- Airport pick up by Planet People to Yeoju Camp place





- Planet People will call applicants.

- Camp schedule and contract letter will be provided individually via email.

- Please send your updated CV and recent pictures to

- Airfare is not provided or reimbursed

- Official sick day cannot be provided

- 3.3% income tax deduction (Tax refund form will be provided)

- Total payment will be made at the very last day of the camp (except 500,000won advance money)



Required documents from applicant


For job interview:

Updated CV and recent pictures and your contact phone number to


For obtaining working visa (camp visa is called C4 visa)

- You must be 3 or 4 years university graduate with bachelor's degree and have degree certificate

- Officially sealed transcript (some one need and someone don't, it depends on your nearest Korean Consulate)

- Passport



Feel free to contact us


Please contact us by messenger

SKYPE: planetpeople1

MSN: (please do not send your application to this email account and use