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We are happy to introduce Gwacheon English village.


It is owned by Gwacheon city and will open at the beginning of December 2007 and fully run from Jan. 2008.

We are currently seeking 6 native English teachers who are capable of working as team, enthusiastic and hard worker.


Here are the job details.

(It isn’t complete details as they are opening on December and they need to develop their system.)



- Starting date:


Actual starting date is January 2008.

They will hire teachers before December and they will open from 3rd Dec. and start operating. For one month (December period), they will be running the business and develop their curriculums with their native English teachers and Korean teachers, curriculum developers.



- Students visit this place for one day trip.


Some English village operate weekly base. But this Gwacheon English village is running daily base. Students come in the morning and leave in the evening. Students will be mainly elementary students and some middle school students. Few 5~ 6 yrs old kids can be visiting the place for one day event



- Teachers working hours: 9am~ 6pm


There will be lunch break and some more breaks. Many English village doesn’t guarantee 6 hours teaching/ day or 30 hours teaching/ week. I don’t think we can guarantee that either. It is more like 9~ 6pm working with some breaks.



- Working Monday to Friday


Many English villages require to work 5 days out of Monday to Saturday and provide one day off plus Sunday off and ask their teachers to work Sunday as optional. We discussed with them and we would like to provide Monday to Friday work guarantee and work Saturday and Sunday optional. Saturday and Sunday work is not obligation though we expect some teachers to consider it positively. If someone ask to guarantee not to work any Saturday or Sunday, this isn’t the right job for him/her.

They will pay 25,000won/hour for working any Saturday and Sunday (regardless if it is overtime or not). If a teacher needed a day off for personal reason during the week day, the person is expected to work a day in the weekend as make up without getting paid though.



- Salary: 2.0~ 2.3 million won monthly salary offer


You will be provided every standard benefits including two-way airfare, rent-free single housing 50% medical insurance.



- Housing: Single housing provided.


If couple apply, two bedroom housing or a bigger housing with one bedroom will be arranged.

The accommodation would be a fine one within 10~ 15 minutes from the working place



Please aware that any English village that is run and controlled by city council or province, their organization can’t provide E2 visa to English teachers (English village is new type of education system in Korea and there is no immigration law support for this English village to provide E2 visa yet).

All of these English villages are run by agents. And Agencies provide visa for their teachers. Still it is obviously controlled by city council and this Gwacheon English village is controlled and monitored by Gwacheon city council. There will be no mistake or late for salary payment for certain.


Gwacheon is very near from Seoul. It is only 5 stops away from border of Seoul by subway. We are looking for 6 native English teachers as a start.