Documents to submit

Employment steps





Educational Background: Bachelors degree in any major
: Citizen of the one of following countries





New Zealand


South Africa




Documets to submit

To apply, submit an Online Application Form or email following documents to planetpeople.jobs@gmail.com 

   Full resume


Resumes should include applicants mailing address, phone number, nationality, university name, major, graduated year and GPA (if applicable). It also should include the entire work history of the applicant, and should be as detailed as possible to show what training and experience has been gained in each position. Particularly, teaching/tutoring experience should be highlighted, as well as any other experience the applicant has with children, no matter how small. Applicants should also detail any travel experiences they have had, especially extended stays overseas. If applicant have previous teaching experience in Korea, the period of employment and the name of the school needs to be written in details and we will check the reference only with the applicants permission. If you dont have any previous teaching experience, we would like to suggest to make a good cover letter.

   One or more photos


As most applicants apply from overseas and the job is in Korea, it is impossible to provide face to face interview. Applicants should aware that their photos are very important to Korean employers as this is the first and often only impression they will get apart from the employer having short phone interview with applicant. You should look professional and friendly on the photos. Be sure you are smiling. As you will teach young students, employers are hoping to see kind, smiling face towards to their students. Please use JPG format with minimum 50KB file size.

  Other documents (1)


Such as photocopy of following documents: your passport, university diploma photocopy with an apostile (Korean Consulate notarization for Canadian teacher), Nationwide criminal record check with apostille (Korean Consulate notarization for Canadian teacher), envelope picture of officially sealed transcripts and written references.

(see example)


NOTE: Your name on your passport and the one on your diploma must be the same


If you are married and your diploma is with maiden name and your passport is with your married name or If you have used your nickname.

ex) Gregory OOOO in your diploma and Greg OOOO in your passport.


If you have different name on your passport and diploma because you used maiden name and married name, you need to send notarized copy of marriage certificate when you do the visa process.


If you have different name on your passport and diploma because you used nickname in one of the documents, you need to check with us or Embassy first and to be sure if that can be proved that "Gregory" and "greg" are the same person by the Embassy. And you need to bring your birth certificate to Korea.



Anyone who applies for an E2 visa must submit:

1. A nationwide criminal record check from police station or an equivalentplace. Statewide criminal record check (for American), provincial criminal record check (for Canaidans) can be accpetable until December. From January 2011, only nationwide criminal record check is accepted by the new Korean immigration law.

Criminal Record Check

- Issued from the central government or local government office
- Must prepare a national wide criminal record check (from Jan. 2011).
- You must have a clean criminal record check. If you have any minor history in your check, please ask for advise. Most local Korean immigrations design to give hard time in issuing the visa confirmation number to the applicant with any criminal history.
- Then you get the
apostille from your Country apostille office (Canadians: Korean Consulate notarization).


Medical check

Self Medical Form - the applicants self written medical form required (click and see the form). Applicant only need to fill out the 2nd page of the form.

If you have anything to say "YES" to the question, please contact us and discuss before you take this process any further. The Medical check will be filling the medical form by teacher at the application stage but when the teacher comes to Korea after obtaining the visa, he/she needs to take medical examination and submit a medical check issued from a qualified medical center in Korea (excluding a private hospital) to Korean immigration.

- The medical check is going to include:

TBPE test, Cannabinoid test, HIV test




Employment steps with Planet People


Step 1

Go to the on-line application and fill out the information.
OR e-mail the the documents (see how to apply) to planetpeople.jobs@gmail.com

Visa process may differ depending on the applicants current location. (Please state your nationality, current location, if you had E2 visa in Korea in the past).

(Start preparing the criminal background check from your local police office and get it apostiled by your gavernment).



Step 2

Planet People will email you and ask some necessary questions and arrange date/time for phone conversation to discuss with you about your position in Korea.



Step 3

Planet People will introduce you a suitable position by e-mail or phone.



Step 4

Set up a phone interview with the school's director or manager and one of their current naitive English teachers. (If applicants available time and the schools working hours dont match, we will provide one of their current native English teachers e-mail address)



Step 5

If the school and applicant both positive about the interview, the school (or Planet People) will check applicants reference and send the schools contract letter to the applicant. (The applicant will check the schools contract letter and see if any questions).


Step 6

Sign the contract and send your visa documents to Planet People by FedEx, UPS or DHL. Follow the E-2 visa procedure steps.