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Job description

Position : Daejeon city
SALARY :  2.1~ 2.2 M Won
Housing : Single housing
Starting date : End of Aug.


    Daejeon city

  Job title

    Full Time

  Teacher Type

    One female Gyopo teacher

  Students type

    Elementary~ middle school

  Start date

    End of Aug.


    2.1~ 2.2 M  Won

  Total Hours

    120 Hours per month

  Teaching hours

    1:30- 7:20pm, 1:30pm- 9pm

  Work days

    Monday to Friday

  Overtime pay


  Class size

     student /a class

  Type of housing

    Single housing



  Completion bonus


  Insurance provided



    7 working days a year 

 Additional Info.

    Location: Daejeon city
Teacher: One female Gyopo teacher
Start date: End of Aug.
Students: Elementary~ middle school
Working hours: 1:30- 7:20, 1:30pm- 9pm
Salary: 2.1~ 2.2 million won
Single housing
7 Working days vacation
50% medical insurance, severance pay are provided. The school want a gyopo teacher who loves students and teaching. Does not need Korean language skill.
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